Liquid Gold

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What is Liquid Gold?

I used to love drinking a beautiful golden Sussex ale before they changed the recipe. My wife told me to brew something better or stop complaining. I had an old recipe which I made for my wedding party that had a great flavour but was quite strong.

I wanted a balanced session beer that could be enjoyed with any type of food or by itself. I lowered the gravity and introduced a new hop variety from America (because… why not) and Liquid Gold was born.

I dry hop Liquid Gold using a load of mosaic, centennial and comet hops at the end of the fermentation. This adds extra mouthfeel texture and fruit flavours. If you have not tried the Liquid Gold for a while, do yourself a favour and try it!

Fresh ale straight from the cask poured into 1 litre cartons or bag in box.  Always poured same day of purchase and should be consumed within 3-5 days.

Available for takeaway only

The brewery is open on the following days:

Friday: 10am – 2pm
Saturday: 10am – 2pm

Please observe the government guidelines and maintain strict social distancing.

Thank you for supporting local businesses!

Every drop of my beer you drink during lockdown helps keep this microbrewery afloat during this incredibly tough time.

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