Pitch Shifter IPA 
India Pale Ale 5%

Brewer's Notes

Available in: Keg

Pitch Shifter is a light amber IPA, harmonizing a high hop octave, of floral and citrus notes, leading to fruity finale.

A pitch shifter is a sound effects unit that raises or lowers the pitch of an audio signal – think of every Rage Against The Machine guitar solo. In brewing we can alter the pitch of the hop essential oils to create some effects that are not traditionally used. This beer uses bittering hops for aroma, bitterness and flavouring, mixing in other hops to harmonize the complex flavours together. We break down some of the essential hop oils while leaving some intact which creates different effects.

I love floral, citrus and fruity IPA, that are dry and allow the hops to take centre stage.

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