Goldmark Moshpit India Pale Ale 5.6%


India Pale Ale 5.6% ABV.

Amber IPA with strong tropical fruit, cactus and cucumber flavours

About Moshpit

What’s better than seeing an awesome band play live? Well, seeing an awesome band with an awesome beer. All my life I have been subjected to generic corporate lagers and  watery ale at music venues. Some people might be happy with this. I am not.

Instead of bitching endlessly about it, I brewed a beer that would fit the occasion. No one wants to queue when the band is on so I went with a slightly higher alcohol. I wanted it refreshing because it gets hot at the front of the stage. I wanted to use hops that were different than your average classic American pale and I wanted some energy from the sweet barley.

For all the homebrewers, the mash temp is quite high and I used most of the hops in the last moments of the transfer. Triple kettle hopped with Azacca, I use a stupidly large amount of hops which give massive aroma in the keg and cask formats.


India Pale Ale






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