Black Lion

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What is Black Lion Porter?

One on my drummers always drank a famous Irish stout and nothing else, so I made Black Lion Porter to broaden his horizons. I really like the complex warm flavours of old London Porters but I wanted to avoid a dry burnt which so many feature.

To achieve this I used a high mashing temperature with some amazing roasted barley varieties to produce a rich sweet wort. Balancing this sweetness took a lot of noble English hops! Usually I hop really late, but in Black Lion Porter they are added early to create a  nice coffee end note. Richness is nothing without smoothness, so a slow, low fermenting yeast was used with a cold, long conditioning time.

Fresh ale straight from the cask poured into 1 litre cartons or bag in box.  Always poured same day of purchase and should be consumed within 3-5 days.

Available for takeaway only

The brewery is open for takeaway on the following days:

Friday: 10am – 2pm
Saturday: 10am – 2pm

Please observe the government guidelines and maintain strict social distancing.

Thank you for supporting local businesses!

Every drop of Goldmark you drink during lockdown helps keep us afloat during this incredibly tough time.

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