Goldmark Black Lion Porter 4.8%

Black Lion

Porter 4.8% ABV.

Smooth black London style porter with toffee, chocolate and coffee

About Black Lion

Available from October to March

One on my drummers always drank a famous Irish stout and nothing else, so I made Black Lion Porter to broaden his horizons.

I really like the complex warm favours of some old London Porters. Some however have a dry burnt favour which I do not like. I wanted the favour but a rich smoothness, with maybe a surprise at the end.

Using a high mashing temperature and some amazing roasted barley varieties, I started with a rich sweet wort. Balancing this sweetness took a lot of noble English hops. Usually I hop really late, but this time they were all added early to leave space for the coffee end note. Richness is nothing with smoothness, so a slow, low fermenting yeast was used with a cold, long conditioning time.

It wouldn’t be winter without some Black Lion Porter.






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