Wah Wah IPA

India Pale Ale 5%

A golden india pale ale made using insane amounts of columbus, chinook and citra hops, giving a rich, sharp, smooth finish

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Jimi Hendrix was famous for using a Wah Wah guitar effects pedal. He was not the only one, as pretty much everyone who has ever picked the guitar has owned one. But Hendrix for me, inspired most of my heros using the Wah Wah.

The Wah Wah alters the tone and frequency of the guitar giving it a crazy, distinctive edge. I wanted to do the same with my latest IPA. I make lots of IPAs and the current trend is that they are getting less bitter. I wanted a little more bite to the beer so used Citra, Columbus and Chinook. I love these hops and they really spring out at you.

I wanted a beer that most brown beer drinkers would detest and hop lovers would fall in love with. So we can sit on the Watchtower, drink a bottle of Wah Wah with our left hand, and hope Joe is not going anywhere with that gun.

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